Sustainability reporting was once viewed as a side-line to annual reports, produced for a small but vocal group of niche stakeholders and investors. But today sustainability reporting is rightly viewed by most to be an integral part of the fundamental corporate strategy.

Mainstream investors are increasingly attuned to the risks and opportunities presented by environmental and social performance and the role they have in long-term value creation. Equally, insightful governance reporting is key. New regulatory reporting requirements come into force 2019, broadening out once again the scope of good governance.

Communicating the plethora of impacts, risks, initiatives and opportunities that sit under the heading of sustainability has always been a challenge. This is because responsible companies manage and protect so many aspects of their business, at the same time working to minimise their negative impacts on people and the environment.

We help companies present what they prioritise and connect different strands of performance under a well-communicated strategy. We also ensure data is clearly presented, to provide the evidence behind decision-making processes and performance statements.