Planning Potential

Celebrating 10 years of creating better places

Planning Potential corporate brochure
Planning Potential - Ten year timeline
Planning Potential - Case study
Planning Potential - Case study
Planning Potential brochure
Planning Potential retail brochure
Planning Potential regional brochures

They provide and intelligent kind of design, not just pretty pictures. They understand what we’re trying to say.

Partner – Planning Potential

Planning Potential is a commercial town planning consultancy.


FourthQuarter was commissioned to design and produce new corporate literature that positioned the organisation as a creator of better places for all kinds of property developers and owners, in addition to the planning departments of local councils.


We created a range of brochures for new and existing customers that was a celebration of everything Planning Potential had achieved, as it reached its 10th anniversary. High impact visual spreads were used to highlight major projects, while additional sections focused on the strengths and benefits of the company’s people and processes. A timeline at the front of the document showcased a key milestone in the company’s history and their significance in town planning.


The brochures have been used extensively with existing clients, potential clients and employees to position Planning Potential’s rich insights and involvement in the places they are hired to improve.

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