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Sophisticated and professional reports to match their client service

City of London Investment Group - Annual and interim reports
City of London Investment - Strategic report
City of London Investment - Strategy & objectives
City of London Investment Group - Legacy reports

13 year relationship

City of London Investment Group plc  is a significant long-term investor in closed-end funds (CEFs) and seeks to promote growth in the industry by encouraging CEFs to make their product more attractive to investors.


Much of the investment data City of London works with is both dense and complex and in support of their commitment to be transparent with investors it needs presenting in the clearest possible way. Both for clients to understand and use for their investment decisions but also to encourage involvement with the fund managers in City of London’s investment team.


Simple structures, easy navigation and effective signposting characterise the reports we produce for City of London, which reinforce the openness and transparency they believe in. We’ve also evolved the American corporate design and typographic style they favour into their own personal brand, making sure it’s implemented consistently in every report.


City of London has a sophisticated and professional set of reports to share with their clients which are appropriate for their high-end, boutique finance business. Their presentation matches the quality of service City of London provides and builds confidence in the investment decisions clients are making.

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