Reporting on a decade of success

Globaltrans - 2018 Annual Report
Globaltrans - 2018 highlights
Globaltrans - Large modern fleet
Globaltrans - Efficient operations
Globaltrans - Chairman's statement
Globaltrans - A decade of delivery
Globaltrans - Governance


Globaltrans is Russia’s leading freight rail group. They operate in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, offering clients in the metals and mining, oil and gas and other industrial sectors sophisticated rail transport solutions. A highly developed railway system is vital to Russia because of its huge territory and vast area and natural resources.


FourthQuarter was commissioned to produce Globaltrans’ 2018 annual report, an anniversary document marking 10 years of successful trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Globaltrans was the first Russian logistics business to float on the LSE and the focus of the 2018 report was demonstrating the company’s growth and achievements in the 10 years since listing.


To illustrate the scale of the service Globaltrans provides, we created feature spreads which carried striking aerial photography. Photographs were chosen to communicate the diverse landscapes Globaltrans traverses, as well as the freight trains they operate. Images were overlaid with headline messages that supported the theme of “The journey continues”. Throughout the report, we incorporated engaging call outs, diagrams and charts to make sure important information was accessible and the facts of the business came across.


A combination of precise information design and striking imagery worked to ensure Globaltrans’ 2018 report made an impression and was motivating to read. We improved the flow and signposting of content compared to previous years. An overall reduction in word count by 10-15%, prompted by the page wireframes we created, making the 252-page report a more digestible read.

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