Refreshed brand design to attract graduate recruits

Beach and Associates - graduate brochure
Beach and Associates - graduate brochure
Beach and Associates - graduate brochure
Beach and Associates - graduate brochure


Beach is a provider of insurance and reinsurance services, direct to customer and through wholesale offerings to independent retail and wholesale brokers. The team works in markets and sectors across the world and has an analytics and advisory arm that provides bespoke solutions for clients based on their capital and risk appetite.


Beach needed a graduate brochure to help entice new talent to the firm; one that demonstrated its commitment to providing an inspiring and rewarding place to work and highlighted career opportunities to people with limited knowledge of Beach and the insurance sector. The business asked for a sea change in the design of the brochure, to push the corporate guidelines as far as they could go, appeal to the younger audience and grab attention at graduate recruitment fairs.


FourthQuarter structured brochure contents in line with the priorities for graduates, making it easy to understand what Beach is and does, promoting the culture and values of the business, and profiling the graduate roles available. The Beach corporate colour palette contains fresh colours but had previously been inhibited by supporting photography. FourthQuarter introduced people shots and personal stories, to help graduates see themselves in the business.


Beach is promoting its business with a modernised graduate brochure that stands out to young people attending recruitment fairs or researching the company online. It can readily be updated each year with new stories and photographs, of people who’ve successfully joined the company and made their way through the graduate programme.

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