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Directa Plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene nanoplatelets-based products. They own the G+ brand, distinctive for incorporating unique graphene blends. G+ can revolutionise the performance of customers’ end products, whether they create textiles, tyres, composite materials or environmental solutions – just a handful of the many applications.


When we started work with Directa Plus, they had produced one previous report in Word document style. We were briefed to develop a distinctive design approach that moved their communication forward and was in keeping with their new suite of literature. Given our client’s product was an unknown quantity for most people, including potential investors, we needed to make communication simple, direct and engaging. We needed to reveal the vast potential of G+.


We used the bold Directa Plus’ corporate colour palette – orange and black – to produce a very direct and engaging annual report. Punchy typography was key. Pull out statements and facts against a black background highlighted the key strengths and innovations of the business, including the G+ brand. One of our key additions to the report was a strategy and business model spread.


In comparison to the previous year’s report, the overall design of the 2018 Directa Plus report was far more sophisticated and dynamic. New and succinct information explained Direct Plus and its brand G+, giving investors reasons to believe in the company.

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