What we do

We’re a London based design consultancy with four parts to our service – insight, creativity, experience and delivery. Four quarters we’re 100% trusted to provide.

Listed and private clients of all sizes and sectors depend on us to solve their financial, brand identity, marketing and online communication challenges.



We strengthen engagement in annual reports, investor presentations and listing documents with best practice content, clear themes and simple navigation.



We define, refresh, reinvent and modernise brands and bring them to life across every kind of printed and digital communication.



We help brands make an impact with distinctive positioning, smart messages, and fresh forms of expression, in print, online and at industry exhibitions.



We design and develop secure, responsive websites with precision for greater speed, smoother functionality and more enjoyable communication.


How we work

We build long-term partnerships with our clients, often spanning over 10 years.

On every project we apply our insight, creativity and experience in equal parts. And we always deliver.


Our skill in branding, online and offline communications, content development, project management and technical production, means that each solution we devise is fit for purpose. The work will have a positive impact, accurately reflect our client’s business and be in line with regulatory requirements.


We help established brands remain current, promote growing companies to investors, explain the potential of businesses and opportunities to buyers, and engage multiple audiences through a single website.


With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, clients can trust us to deliver. Our know-how and insights mean we can be flexible and responsive. We provide the right advice to ensure the final solution works for our clients, their business and their audiences.


We care about delivering the right thing at the right time, at every stage of the journey. Providing excellent service along the way and ensuring the work we produce is of the highest standard, both creatively and technically.

What clients say

  • “The finished article is always of a high quality. They make us more adventurous because we trust them.”

    CEO – Christie Group plc
  • “We really get very good design for the size of fee we pay. Their fees have remained consistent, with a reduced requirement for printed copies helping.”

    Group Financial Controller – Lavendon Group plc
  • “First and foremost I have a genuine feeling they want to produce a good product and to meet our specific needs.”

    Head of Investor Relations – Hogg Robinson Group plc
  • “They deliver no matter how tight the deadlines, often ahead of schedule. It gives you real confidence.”

    Head of Research and Education – BCSC
  • “They provide an intelligent kind of design, not just pretty pictures. They understand what we’re trying to say.”

    Partner – Planning Potential
  • “We take a conservative approach but they’ve pushed the envelope in the right places. There’s genuine ease of communication and they’re calm at all times.”

    Group Financial Controller – Lavendon Group plc
  • “They’re available 20 hours a day if we need. They know better than most how the City works, often having late night requests. They get things done.”

    Partner – Solid Solutions
  • “They’re really open, nice people to work with. We can have a laugh and a joke together.”

    Head of Research and Education – BCSC
  • “They’re very experienced people who are easy to deal with, unencumbered and seamless.”

    Director – Tavistock Communications
  • “The FourthQuarter team is fantastic, delivering impressive results with an insightful, patient, detail-oriented approach to every project.”

    Head of Communications – Metalysis Limited
  • “Our listing success was greatly assisted by their willingness to put in the extra effort to ensure we had an excellent product in a timely manner.”

    CEO – Panthera Resources

Who we are

FourthQuarter® was founded in 2001 by our key management team who have broad-ranging industry experience. We have worked in most sectors and on most project types with clients ranging from FTSE100 corporations to small privately owned enterprises. We are sponsors and active members of the Investor Relations Society.


Simon has over 25 years’ experience in corporate literature and digital production, and provides project management as well as technical and typographic oversight. His combined skills ensure the business runs smoothly and our clients receive polished, professional and highly functional brands and communications.


Stuart has worked in the corporate design sector for over 30 years on a wide range of annual reports, corporate finance and branding projects. With rich insights into the communication challenges of established brands, growing companies and listed businesses.

Project consultant

With industry experience starting in 1978, Miles has led the strategy for multiple annual reports, corporate finance and rebranding projects. His knowledge of investor and regulatory requirements makes him a trusted consultant to clients, whether they are a private business, an established plc or a newly listed company.

Web / Digital

Nic has over 20 years of experience as a web designer and developer, working for major corporate brands. An all-round digital consultant, Nic guides clients through information architecture, user experience, template design, technical solutions, cyber security and CMS implementation.

Creative Strategist

Paul has extensive experience helping businesses research, define, organise and express their brands. He has held leading roles at the UK’s top reporting companies and ran his own consultancy for 20 years. He ensures our creative solutions are distinctive, effective and engage with their audiences.

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