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Communications to support retail share offers and corporate transactions

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They’re available 20 hours a day if we need. They know better than most how the city works, often having late night requests. They get things done.

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FourthQuarter works with the country’s leading consultants for large scale corporate transactions and other industry professionals to create corporate communication programmes to support retail share offers and corporate transactions. This includes large scale privatisations, demutualisations, share offers, mergers and acquisitions.


One of the most important aspects of any corporate transaction is the communication programme. We help corporations reach new and existing audiences with the reasons behind their business proposals and the potential benefits. The right kind of communication increases the response rates on issues that require votes, enhance levels of uptake in shares and maximise support of key business decisions.


In close collaboration with the client and their advisers, FourthQuarter develops a professional presentation of the business case for each offering or transaction, helping to distil the proposal into a set of key messages that both institutional and private investors understand. We ensure the detailed supporting information is clear, well-structured and easy to follow. These communications also need to be very cost efficient as they’re often directed at a large shareholder base and because proposals can be rejected.


The professional, clear and eye-catching documents we design for businesses across a wide variety of sectors strengthen the understanding audiences have of often complex proposals, which if successful can help companies develop and grow.

Note: McVities (United Biscuits) and, were both sold privately prior to their proposed IPOs


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