Orcadian Energy

Brand and investor communications

eEnergy Group plc 2021 Annual Report
eEnergy Group plc 2021 Annual Report
eEnergy Group plc 2021 Annual Report

Orcadian Energy is a low-emissions North Sea oil and gas company established in early 2014 by petroleum engineers and geologists. The company has four licences, three of which lie 150km east of Aberdeen, in an area known as the Western Platform. These licences are rich in resources and highly prospective. Sixteen of seventeen wells (and sidetracks) previously drilled on Orcadian’s blocks have encountered oil.


Orcadian commissioned FourthQuarter to develop the company’s brand and communications pre-IPO. In addition to setting out the opportunity of the resource-rich areas where it has licenses, Orcadian needed to convey its vision of low-emission extraction. With oil and gas having a presence in the energy mix for the foreseeable future, Orcadian is focused on making extraction as sustainable and efficient as possible using industry leading techniques and processes.


We explored a range of options for the company logo. The selected option combines the initials of the company name, O and E, in a continuous circular marque, alluding to the sustainable thinking of the business. A simple supporting colour palette was created to convey the fresh outlook and intelligence of the organisation and to support the delivery of multiple charts and graphs, which are shared openly on the company website, which FourthQuarter also created.


Orcadian achieved a successful IPO on 15 July 2021 and continues to use the brand FourthQuarter created very actively, with regular website updates. The brand’s overall tone is simplicity and clarity, while the brand message is precision, efficiency, ethics and high standards.