Regulation has brought the requirement for greater disclosure within company reports, requiring a tricky balancing act. On the one hand they need to share detailed information and on the other deliver an accessible, digestible read.

Most of all readers want frank reporting, offering insights, clarity and content that informs them about the future of the business. They want to understand how you make money, how sustainable your business is and how you run it.

View compliance – the topics you must cover – as a start, not a result. Use it as a framework for discussing your business and the thought you’ve given to the issues. This will provide consistent insight and also demonstrate attention to detail – a nonchalant approach can pin an unwelcome red flag on your culture, just as easily as a box-ticking approach does.

We can advise you on the latest developments, helping you to create a report that withstands the closest scrutiny and wins you points for genuine transparency.