Research shows there are three primary considerations when appointing a design agency (outside of the price!): Can I work with these people; do they get it (the task/problem); and are they creative?

‘Creative’ can be broken down into further questions:

• Are they a creative fit, have they shown relevant case studies?
• Have they outlined a strategic and innovative approach that resonates?
• Are they willing to ask the difficult questions?
• Are they considered, current, stylish and intelligent?

At FourthQuarter we believe our creativity is a measure of the quality of our thinking.

We are different because we:
• Work hard to understand clients better than any other firm
• Seamlessly combine creative and strategic thinking
• Are confident about our creativity
• Have a different way of doing things based on experience and insights
• Want to help our clients succeed
• Provide joined-up thinking – we see how all the specialised disciplines link together to create a cohesive communication approach with consistent messaging, and to deliver maximum effect

Last but not least, we also believe that bright, creative ideas have the power to light up people’s day.