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Communicating brand strengths

IBID Group website
IBID Group website on tablet
IBID Group website on tablet

IBID is an umbrella organisation that invests and buys companies across a number of sectors, particularly those that are internet-based, with the aim of improving operations, releasing potential and generating growth. We started work with them when they were a start-up, looking to increase their visibility in international markets.


FourthQuarter was commissioned to create a professional and substantive brand, a holding page and corporate website in very tight timescales as IBID’s investment programme ramped up. They wanted to communicate their credibility as an investor and build understanding of their purpose and role in the companies they invest in.


We worked with IBID to understand how they create value, by transforming the strategy, operations and finances of companies, and developed a brand identity that conveyed clear thinking, business acumen and experience. The new website brought IBID’s story to life in more detail, with diagrammatic displays of IBID’s approach and icons expressing the qualities that give them the edge.


www.ibidgroup.com is a succinct and informative responsive website that allows companies to gain a quick understanding of the vision IBID has, how it operates and what it delivers. With a solid brand in place, IBID is now more able to communicate the strengths of its service.

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