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Bond Invitation Document

APS Financial bond issue
APS Financial - national newspaper coverage


APS financial is the only proven and profitable digital challenger to banks in the UK operating for over 10 years. They are on a mission to transform the UK’s banking landscape and committed to proving you don’t need a bank to ‘bank’.


To fund the next stages of their growth they developed the APS Bond, an investment product that offered existing customers and the UK public the opportunity to share in the company’s success. Working to a challenging deadline, FourthQuarter was commissioned to structure, design and edit the Bond Invitation Document and produce promotional ads for national press including the Mail on Sunday, Telegraph and Sunday Times.


The Bond Invitation Document had to combine heavy duty legal information with more accessible content showcasing the history, growth and business ambitions of APS financial, as well as the investment terms of the APS Bond itself. We developed a simple presentation style that segmented information into digestible chunks, created an easy-to-view timeline and ensured simple language was used throughout to emphasise the investment opportunity. The ads we produced delivered key messages about the expected return on investment.


Our communication approach helped to explain the concept and objectives of APS financial in clear and motivating terms, enabling informed decision-making about the investment opportunity. Our well-structured design ensured essential legal information didn’t detract from the key messages we had to deliver.

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